New Title, Same Festival

Recently, we’ve been slowly rebranding SAS Film Festival. It’s been a wonderful transition, bringing our vision to life, but there’s more:

Introducing the Eclipse International Film Festival – the bridge to cultural differences through films and scripts – brought to you by Azure Lorica Foundation!


That’s correct, our film festival has already come and gone, all before we’ve begun our first premiere. Secret Admirer Society was happy with the festival’s current outcome, with brilliant productions screened and judged, page after page, show after show. It’s been a pleasure.But due to the enthusiasm of the Azure Lorica Foundation, we’ve decided to donate the festival to the charity organization. Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 9.57.46 PMIt was always our intent to cover news and report as a Press company, and the film festival was our road to cover more indie productions. But, with the track record of Azure Lorica Foundation’s live events of over five years worth of Plays, Conventions, and other community fundraisers, we feel safe that SAS Film Festival – with whatever name it carries – will be in good hands.


Learn more: Azure Lorica Foundation

Secret Admirer Society will be covering the event, with the same promise of giving free media service to the winners of the festival. Azure Lorica will be proceeding as the producers for the event, and bringing their Actors and Directors to the level we wished for the festival to be – welcoming you beautiful people to the Pasadena Library in style!

Hence, we welcome you to Eclipse International Film Festival!

Read more: Eclipse International Film Festival


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