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As the online world continues to grow, we acknowledge the limitation of general marketing. Since 2008, niche marketing has proven to be the strongest form of marketing, aiding independent artists and startup businesses. Blooming from the city of Los Angeles, this method has boosted an entire generation to monopolize on brand recognition through the use of self-publishing online. Though brand recognition has become easier to build, the work behind self-publishing has become strenuous since 2014. Today, online personalities have a team to do the photography, edit their videos, and manage their social media for them. And there’s no reason why you can’t do the same.

By tapping into our audience and network, we’ll be able to spread your reach, without friending-and-unfriending countless people and brands. Secret Admirer Society reach out to a very liberal audience that enjoy Yoga, Hip Hop, and some Anime. LA has been the leader in online fashion and society, and if you’ve yet to tap into this market, then we urge to start today. Let us help you reach them, and become part of this amazing niche!

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We publish a quarterly ezine, free online. Reaching liberal groups throughout the internet, from local artists to international audiences. SAS Magazine can help you boost your network all year round!


Secret Admirer Society can do your social media campaigns for you. By posting a few words, pics, and links, we can reach out to nonprofit groups, online businesses, and connect with influential icons from Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, for you. Let us schedule your posts 24/7 for the next month, today!

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