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Welcome Filmmakers!

The Secret Admirer Society has been strolling throughout the year, posting news constantly everyday, and we’d like to stop and thank you for your attention. We wanted to stay relevant, by being conventional with our content. No one has ignored the changes in our world, and we wish to let you know that we’re not standing back from further sympathy and updates. But, rather, we are here to aid the improvement in this future we all want: equal rights of humanity.

Life isn’t fair, but it helps to tip the scale for the better good. Our mission is to tip it enough for every person of any and every enthicity, and gender, to be treated equally with respect, and given the rights necessary to stand with dignity, as human beings. The discrimination of just being “black” or “white” needs to end. But we cannot do it alone. And you need an audience.

Beginning this year, we opened our doors at filmfreeway.com for film and script submissions. Now that the deadline’s been met, we will soon announce the Nominees. Anticipating our first year’s premiere, we’ve made plans for the attendees:

  1. The screenings will be free to the public, so invite your friends and family!
  2. The red carpet will be setup next to the theater, so have fun with the Press;
  3. Q&A will be held after each film shown, so please be ready;
  4. And the Award Ceremony tickets will be available here in secretadmirersociety.com/filmfest

Collaborating with the Pasadena Central Library, we will be showcasing our partnership with the community by screening films by the children’s and teens prior to the beginning of each screening day. Please remember, we’ll be having multiple dates for the script readings and screenings. Do RSVP, as seating is limited.

Winners of the SAS Film Festival will be awarded with their respective title, published in our Nominee pages, and will have their film promoted for one whole year, with the winning script read live on stage, from beginning to end. (Nominated scripts will have only partial scenes read at the Award Ceremony).

We will be Publishing monthly ezines, promoting each winner’s awarded submissions, and future projects to come, as a whole documented piece of their artistic endeavor. We ask that you subscribe for further details, and take advantage of this amazing opportunity for a real cause, and make a real change this society needs- for equality, humanity, and the dignity we all deserve.

Feel free to comment below for details, and we will help you as best as possible. For more info, contact us at: info@secretadmirersociety.com