How To Study With Hip Hop – Beats To Relax To

Working without music leads to much boredom. You’re left to your thoughts, and with only your business to keep you company, tension just builds. Boredom is a form of stress too, and so I googled. YouTube’s been a fantastic place to find playlists, but even a two hour playlist can get old. That is until I found Lofi Hip Hop Radio – Beats To Relax/Study To.

For the longest time, I always thought I was weird to listen to just the beats, when listening to hip hop. I tried to convince my friends in high school that this was the truth. I even introduced them to Japanese and Chinese rap, to prove my point. Rappers like Jay Chou and Ketsumeishi, or Nujabes were my jam. But I suppose it wasn’t the right time to be different. It wasn’t cool in the early 2000…

But, here I am, over fifteen years later, web designing at home, alone, and in need of something new. Something different. But instead, what I found was something old. Lofi Hip Hop Radio is a live streaming channel on YouTube, where mixes of old jazz and hip hop songs are mixed in the most soothing beats. Having a short animation loop, to prop the atmosphere for their listeners, Lofi Hip Hop Radio sets the listener for an all day chill crunch to get through their work. I’m not sure how this is received by students, but old dogs like me, trying to suffice a client’s needs – working only one room away from my bed – couldn’t thank the stars enough that this beacon of hope is here.

So if coffee is too strong, tea too sedating, and soda can’t feed the need to keep pushing the deadlines, try Lofi Hip Hop Radio. The tracks are killer!